Lorn Jean ®

Founded in 2016, crossing between the realms of fashion design and jewellery design, Lorn Jean punctuates an intersection of multidisciplinary practice. Rooted in the exploration of detail and meticulous process to create beautiful products - the intense focus on detail is juxtaposed with a subtle minimalism and emotionally considerate design process. 

With a prior focus on only bespoke and made-to-order demi-couture and jewellery - from 2021, there are three distinct offerings within our collections: 

1: Demi-couture;

2: RTW jewellery (launching this August 31st 2021) and; 

3: Capsule collections & exclusive limited edition items in RTW fashion & accessories available exclusively online. (Occasionally, with sample items also available under our ‘Grey label’.)

design & development
The Process

Design is yet the expression and visual translation of a concept or idea to a form with indended or purposeful appearance or existence...

About Lorn

Lorn was studying the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in fashion with jewellery at The University of Edinburgh when she founded ‘Lorn Jean®’ - always with the goal to build a company renowned for beautiful contemporary design, as much as for the positive culture and attention given to its supporters and customers.

“The creation of a product, item, piece of jewellery or fashion, no matter what shape or form it possesses, holds the most value and meaning in the choice made by a person to experience it within their lives and make it their own. This intimate relationship to the object and the connection to people, is one of the pillars of importance for our brand in prioritising the connection to our friends and supporters of our design.” Lorn

Lorn gained initial recognition for her work upon graduating with a BA (Hons) and MFA (Master of Fine Arts) in Fashion Design with Distinction from The University of Edinburgh after 6 years of full-time design education. She was awarded The Graduate Fashion Week Innovation Award (2016), the ICG Accessories Award (2016) and the Betty Davies Award for Impeccable Finish and Innovation (2016) which recognised her distinctive design style and multidisciplinary approach between fashion and jewellery. Lorn was also nominated for an award by the Scottish Fashion Awards (2016) as well as the Creative Industries Award (2017) and the Santander Business Accelerator award programme for entrepreneurs (2018). 

“One of my strongest skills has been in my technical ability to realise designs. As well as this, both historical and contemporary knowledge to fuel a unique perspective and understanding of the latest developments in technology and innovation - which may be applicable to the process or realisation of design. I feel the technical creation and understanding of a piece is an important art-form in itself to do justice to the initial creative idea. I have a sensitivity especially to balance within a design to bring it to a stage of refinement in the lines and focal point. I never want a piece to scream or shout for attention, rather to steal the gaze from its subtle elegance and modern feel - tracing the lines of detail and decoration with a certain expression of minimalism.” Lorn

Emotionally Considerate Design - Lorn Jean®

Impact on the wearer is of extreme importance. ‘Emotionally Considerate Design’ is an integral aspect and concept employed for the development of the collections in order to encourage positive and healthy developments within the fashion environment. This proposes that when designing, the impact that a design has on the emotions of the wearer should be wide-reaching and considerate. Knowledge about how different aspects of a creation could effect someones emotions is central to creating intelligent and highly refined design.

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